RSS overwhelming

September 29, 2006

it seems that the popularity of ‘rssifying’ websites has lead to the surmise of several of the free start-me-up rss creation sites identified in Cohen’s article



 Unfortunately, i think this is how the ‘big wig’ companies beat out the little guys: the little guys cannot afford the bandwidth that gets generated by their own popularity similar to the slashdot effect , except for the websites crumble under their own popularity. Then, larger companies who have the available bandwidth to sustain the http requests swoop in and fill the void created by the crumbling of the ‘start-me-up’ company. typically, these larger companies also charge for their offerings, where the start-me-ups typically did not.

 I suppose this is also similar to the WALMART EFFECT… where walmart moves into the outskirts of a city strategically because the rent is cheaper. what walmart will do is put items on sale, even at a loss to the company (negative profit) in order to draw people to the store. this draws business away from the local shops who cannot afford to take a hit on 1 product in hopes of selling enough of another product to profit overall; this inevitably results in the closure of local shops because they ‘cannot keep up with competition’…. these practices have been referred to as ‘playing dirty’, ‘fighting dirty’, ‘unfair competition’….

Huge controversy surrounds these competition practices by walmart, but why does the same controversy and outrage not surround the unfair competition experienced by startup companies at the heavy hand of big internet business?


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