An open response to Jen:

September 25, 2006

Hey Jen!

thanks for the comment!

i went and took a peek at blog article you posted and i seem to be getting stuck at one point:

“Weblogs in fact began as change logs for websites. At the time, it was standard practice to post a line with a date attached to indicate that change had been made to a website. With time, those change logs morphed into sites dedicated not to posting diary-like reflections but annotated links.”

hmmm… i think i fail to see how this jump occured… ok… when ite admins would make updates to websites, they would add a little line of text to the bottom of the page indicating something like “last updated on June 19 1999”, or something similar to this…. sure… i’m on board. website admins sure did do this… but this is a FAR cry from a blog… perhaps we’re talking about “VERSION HISTORY” for a website? something similar to the version history of say, winamp…  but i can’t remember seeing a live changelog for a website… if a changelog for a website is kept, is it often not kept by the admin for his own  purposes?

again… i fail to see how this is a blog…the only thing i see in common between ‘change logs’ and blogs is the time-stamping of events…


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